“Never eat sushi at the airport
or sleep near a train station.
Don’t ask a cab driver for theater tips.
Never buy bread from the supermarket bakery…
and don’t ask your spouse for honest feedback about how you look.
Don’t do business with a stranger who calls you at home during dinner.
Think twice before you ask your ad agency how many ads you should run.
And never eat the macadamia nuts in the mini bar.
Proximity is not a stand in for expertise.”

Or maybe do all of these things.
Just because you feel like, just because it’s handier. Enjoy the imperfections, the idea of not good enough, of almost there. A life of maximums drains any motivation to do better, to spot potential improvements.

The everyday is made of compromises, of value for money. And most importantly, don’t let the mainstream ideal of “top notch” override your personal preferences.